Mini Park

Children are the stars of Aquópolis and, therefore, they have areas exclusive to them. So that under-10s enjoy the experience of spending a day in a water park and they begin to know the sensations that are experiences with the adventure of playing in the water, the children’s area designed with them in mind has a varied selection of attractions to suit them.

In an area of waters with a maximum depth of 40 centimetres and the presence of highly-qualified lifeguards who work throughout the water park, the children can be the kings and queens of a refreshing water castle in the colourful children’s area with interactive games in which time will fly as they have fun.

To that end, they have waterfalls and showers of water like those in a spa; an oscillating bucket to soak yourself, walkways to move around the castle and flumes to throw yourself into the water with the same excitement as the adults have at the rest of the facilities in Aquópolis. To deal with the heat, what better play park than one in the water!




Max: 130cm




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