All attractions have double and single floats for free, if you want to reduce the waiting time we offer the Speedy Pass system. Aquopolis Cullera Speedy Pass is a special wristband that allows you to access certain park attractions faster through the Speedy Pass accesses.

This system is enabled in the main attractions of the park: Amazonia River, Black Hole and Calypso in the queue to collect the floats and the Speed ​​Race and Rapids attractions in the entrances to the attraction. The normal queue will alternate with the Speedy Pass queue, depending on the frequency established in each access, since the sale of Speedy Pass tickets is limited, the Speedy Pass queue reduces your wait, thus guaranteeing the quality of service . In the case of wanting to use a double float, it is necessary that both people wear the Speedy Pass wristband both for the collection of the float in Speedy Pass access and in the use of the attraction itself.

You can buy the wristband in the park’s lockers area.

This wristband is only valid for the day of purchase, it is personal and non-transferable, and you must wear it correctly placed on the wrist, not allowing access to people who do not comply with this condition. Any manipulation of the wristband will mean its withdrawal. The park is not responsible for the loss of the wristband. This system is subject to the park’s operating regulations and the restrictions on the use of attractions.

If you get the Speedy Pass wristband, you will enjoy an identification wristband throughout the day that will allow you to access the attractions of the park through the special entrances as many times as you want. Thus, you can enjoy many times your favorite attractions in the Aquópolis Cullera park, Valencia.