Where to eat

Discover the wide range of Bars and Restaurants that we have in Aquopolis Cullera, where the quality and the wide variety of its products will not fail to impress you. From pizzas, BBQ, desserts, set menus for adults and children, cocktails, hamburgers and hot dogs, crêpes and waffles, etc. We have gluten-free products ask in our restaurants.


If you want a family meal, under a cool shade, use our barbecue terrace, which offers various combination plates and grilled meats.


Come and enjoy our Menu of Hamburgers, Hot Dogs specially designed for the “little ones” and with the tastiest Fries and Nuggets in the whole Park.

Ice Cream Kiosk

Enjoy an ice cream to satisfy your taste with our delicious ice creams and waffles. You will find the best range of ice-cream.


When you enter it will receive you and when you leave it will wait for you. Thus is our Creperie; at all times and all hours.